The show must go on

It was with some trepidation about the 4th Halesworth Day of Dance that I went to bed on Friday night. The forecast was for snow overnight with more possibly to come. That’s not so bad, I have danced before with snow lying on the ground. However the 20mph winds gusting to 40mph were a bit concerning. That was not going to be pleasant, not at all. Would there be anyone that would stop to watch even if we were foolhardy enough to actually attempt to dance?
So it was a big relief on the Saturday morning when the email arrived with details of an indoor venue.
As we walked through Halesworth we reflected on what a nice place it was and that it was a shame we would not be gracing the various spots around with our dancing but the weather made it abundantly clear that our tactical retreat had been the correct decision.
The hall was hot and crowded but the dancing was somehow the better for it. With so many sides in once place it took a while for us all to get even one dance in but it was great to get to see so many other sides perform.
We retired to the White Swan for a midday ‘refreshment’ break which was very much appreciated. They had a BBQ organised for the Day of Dance so food was gratefully eaten and washed down by a drop or two of some excellent beers.
Then it was back to the hall for more dancing. Our turns came around more quickly now that other sides were taking their turn for a lunch break.
All that was left after that was to return to the pub and get ready for the Ceilidh in the evening. I mean what else do you do after a Day of Dance, but more dancing of course?
This was our first visit to Halesworth for the Day of Dance organised by Ox Blood Molly, but we are already talking about coming back next year. But maybe whoever books the weather will make a better job of it?


Sutton Masque on home territory …

It has been a great pleasure to be dancing in the local church for the past two weekends (Think they must like us!).    With a beer festival (Would be rude not to)… and an open meeting the following weekend.  We were delighted to be invited to dance at both.  The open meeting in particular had special meaning as not only was it on ‘our local turf’ but… it was the first outing for our own ‘Green Man’ beautifully  created by one of our own talented members Marnie. We even had special guest visitor with us -Isabella a magnificent raptor owned by our very own oak king. You can see in the additional photos Isabella nestling in the branches.   You really never quite know what you will encounter when we appear!

We had a wonderful time at both events – thanks to the very welcome invites from St Andrews Church Sutton.

Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing Hymn

We had an amazing time at the Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Gruelling, but amazing!

On Sunday, those of us who felt up to going to the church service even got the honour of pulling the cart up the hill. Fantastic! Not something I ever thought I would be able to do, and now something I will brag about until everyone’s sick of it.

The church service was also wonderful, both funny and moving, and I smuggled out an order of service so I could share the Rushbearing Hymn, which did honestly make me tear up a little.

Rushbearing Hymn

Today we come from town and fell

The cart adorned, the hills we climb

We sing the hymns we love so well

And worship at this rushbearing time.


The Ryburn streams, the Calder flows

Though generations pass away

And still our old tradition goes

From ancient past to present day.


Beside the Church our forebears sleep

Their spirits witness with our throng

How good to see the children keep

Our ancient feast with prayer and song.


Our garlands fall, our rushes fade

Man’s day is but a passing flower

Lord of thy mercy send us aid

And grant thy life’s eternal dower.