A change of plan

Well I am not sure that it is actually a change as we did not have much of a plan to begin with. Anyway what am I going on about you may ask, well there was a tentative suggestion that we might dance somewhere else next week but tonight we decided that we would dance in Ely. We will start at The Cutter around 7:00pm and then move on to The Fountain for 8:00pm(ish). This is it. This is the plan. It will not change. Unless… – no stop that, we have a decision and we will go with it.

The Plough

No, I am not referring to the constellation otherwise known as Ursa Major amongst other things. Instead I am talking about the pub in Little Downham, and the reason I am doing so is that we shall be dancing there tomorrow, Wednesday, evening from 7:30pm. Unless that is the weather does not cooperate, in which case we shall be sitting inside and sampling their ales and ciders.

The Plough is famous (well amongst those who know anyway) for two things. Firstly it is the place where the last known performance of The Mepal Molly Men was seen in the early twentieth century before the current tribute act took over in the late twentieth century. Secondly it does a rather good Thai meal.

Come along, have a drink and enjoy the dancing.

And so it starts

Tonight will be the first dance out of this year and we will be at The Chequers in Sutton-in-the-Isle from 7pm. This will also be the first outing for our new kit. Assuming that is that everyone has finished wielding needle and thread and that we get the t-shirts back from the printers. We are all quite excited about this as we have had a recent injection of energy as well as some new dances.SuttonKit_crop

Please do come and join us.